Monday, January 16, 2012

Trending in 2012: I JUST MIGHT TRY IT!!

Hello my lovelies this is a section of my blog that I like to call Trending: I Just Might Try It. This particular section of my blog will be featured monthly, and I hope you find it amusing, and inspirational. Now, this trend that I just might try has been seen on everyone from celebrities to my fellow fashion bloggers. I have even seen a few of my fashionista friends try this trend out. The trend that I am talking about is:

Crazy Lipstick

What: Crazy colorful lipsticks. I know plenty people has seen the bright pink on Nicki Minaj, and violet on Solange, and many other woman dawning purple, aqua blue, and tangerine orange. I usually don't wear lipstick, I stick to glosses, because I never know which shade fits my complexion.

Why: The reason why I like this trend and would like to try it out is because it's so outside my everyday look. I figure, since I am trying to transition my style into something more fierce, why the hell not! I think I'm going to ease myself onto the brighter colors by trying out a simple light pink. I hope I don't get too many weird stares, but then again who cares. I have seen so many women on the street with colorful, crazy lipstick on, and it suits them well. I just like a challenge, and lovelies, this is definitely one for me. Would you try this trend, and if so which shade would you try? Wish me luck, and pics will be posted soon! I hope you enjoyed.

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